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Macquarie Leasing – Automotive Loans

Writing in the Enterprise Spectator on the 18 July, he opined, “The concessions on automotive travel below the fringe benefits tax held up for a very long time, despite abuses, because they helped the native automotive manufacturing industry." However my circle of associates and acquaintances have too often used the concessions to lease costly imported cars, whereas in other areas they were used for home travel quite than work." That is precisely what happened. Novated leasing, and this FBT distortion, fed a rising appetite for prestige manufacturers - the costlier vehicles - in company carparks.

Beyond that, the world will go on, the squeals of concern will subside and, wanting a rapidly worsening financial system, the market will stay on track for an additional million gross sales in 2013. Regardless of the outcome, our native manufacturers will never now reclaim the market misplaced when novated leasing, and an FBT perk, grew to become a wildfire. If we needed another instance of simply how difficult meaningful and principled tax reform is in Australia, we acquired it recently in the reaction to the Authorities’s announcement that it could abolish the “statutory formulation” technique for valuing fringe advantages representing employer-supplied automobiles. The response at instances was hysterical.

Extra essential to the nationwide interest, does this episode (which will not be over but) say anything in regards to the prospects for meaningful and principled tax reform? It's certainly not encouraging. It does send the message that these with tax concessions, and the industry serving these tax concession recipients, will not hand over their concessions with out a struggle. It probably doesn't assist where there's a lack of bipartisanship, which is the case with the removal of the statutory method because the Coalition have indicated they will oppose this measure. site web

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